We had the pleasure of working with the owner and Substance architecture on this two and a half year long Historical Restoration. The extent of the project was expansive involving everything from the roof down to the Brick foundation on the backside being tuck pointed. The project started along the roof line on the 3rd story and replaced the trim along the roof line. Each piece was removed and brought back to our wood shop where we matched the exact size and style of each different style of trim from dental mold, to several sizes of crown and cove, to large flat panels. Thousands of linear feet of trim was made in house to bring back the detail that had deteriorated over it’s 135 years. Once we got started with the trim we moved to the windows, which we needed to match for historical reasons. Each window was remade with Mahogany lumber to match exactly what we removed.

The cedar siding was the next step, the gables had scalloped shakes, while the main body contains typical shake shingles. The challenge was when we started installing the typical shakes, the shape of the building rounds out to add another element of design. To get the bend in the shingle, we had to boil ruffly 5,000 shingles and press them to give the round shape needed to match the curve of the building.

Once the project was well into the first year, it was decided to replace the front stoop which extends the entire length of front. The original deck was found out to be made of wood by researching original photos, but it had been changed to flag stone which deteriorated over the years and made it a hazard for people walking on it. It was decided to add a handicap ramp and use granite pavers for the new surface. The other challenge to this part of the project was adding heat underneath to aid in keeping snow and ice off the surface without needing to physically remove it. The final product turned out be a perfect fit for Mansion and added another aspect of beauty to this already amazing house.

The number of custom and one of a kind pieces for this project are too many to name. The Mansion was our largest physical project we have worked on as a company, and it was amazing to be a part of. It is a statement piece for our company show casing what our capabilities are and the quality we bring to the table for all our clients.