M.D. Eggers is a company founded on trust and communication. Everyone here is skilled and talented at what they do, but more importantly, we all care about what we do. These are pieces we would be proud to put in our own homes. Not only do you join in on the process but also become a part of the family.

M.D. Eggers was started in 1987 from a dream of our owner, Mark Eggers, to create a company that gave it’s clients a trust worthy company that provides them all the knowledge and reliability needed to make their projects painless and produce exactly what is needed and wanted. We mastered our craft through out the early years by working on historical homes and buildings in old well known neighborhoods in the Des Moines area. Many of our projects still include many buildings with Historical significance, but many of our clients desire a modern or contemporary design and has become another mainstay for our company. Truly any design or feel you want your project to achieve, we can build it.

Our Process

We are able to design plans in house and often work with architects to identify a complete scope of work for your project. Once the design is approved by our clients, we start the project and never leave until the project is completed and our clients are happy!